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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Psychics Connect Various Ways with Spirit Guides

Psychic readers have different styles in getting you answers. One of the ways each psychic reader varies in style is by the way of connection.

If you remember the story of Joan of Arc and how she heard voices leading her in the direction of her destiny, then perhaps you maybe thought that she was special. In reality, we all hear voices or spirit guides directing our footsteps. It is in learning how to distinguish these voices from our own or others that we may begin to learn about what our important mission is while here.


If your mind is too restless, it is hard to tell what voices are which and it can be confusing. This is where meditation is essential in everyday life. Begin each day with a simple 15 minute meditation paired with exercise and you will be well on your way to realizing the voices of the spirit guides.

Meditation doesnt have to take hours; it may even be for just 5 minutes with a great hypnosis MP3. Any type of deep breathing technique is useful in practicing meditation. The point is to get to the shift in consciousness. The place where you can feel like you can breathe better and your mind is clear.

Hearing Spirit Guides

Once this place is reached, it is easier to hear the spirit guides. All you have to do is listen to them call your name or ask a question and listen for the response. At this point, loosen up and the first thing that pops into your mind will be the answer. It could be in the form of talking, pictures, feelings, or even smells. There is a range of communication that the other side uses to speak to us.

Energy of the Guides and Action

Once you make contact with your spirit guides, you may feel so much better, like more energy has just entered into your field of space. Capitalize on this and act upon the information given to you. It could be all kinds of ideas or inventions, information that you need to write down for future use, or something that you need to do for someone. Everything that the spirit guides give to you is useful and beneficial to your life.

As you get more accustomed to practicing speaking to your spirit guides daily, it will be easier each day to make contact. You may find that everyday holds something new for you when you start acting upon the advice that they give to you. Putting this advice to use in your life will lead you to great things along your path.

Accepting meditation everyday for at least 5 minutes will awake you to the possibilities of the spirit guides. It is best if you contact them from the same place in your home each day since this opens a doorway in the area. The first step is essential to starting to contact the spirit guides. Why miss the opportunity? Everyone can contact them since every person has them. Joan of Arc may have had a special duty to perform, but we do also everyday. Find out what that task is by starting meditation (and exercise) today to contact your spirit guides.


Psychic Online readings also include Gemstones

Psychic onlinePsychic online readings vary.  Many readers use gemstones to assist gaining clear answers for you.

Gemstones and minerals are not just rocks that sit around people’s necks, or fall from their ears. For individuals the world over, gemstones are a source of wisdom, healing, and all around good energy too. Each stone may draw an individual to it energetically, while other natural beauties catch the onlooker’s eye.

Our psychic online readers, will take a look at some common and just plain interesting gemstones and what properties they offer. Quartz is probably the first stone most metaphysical followers think of because it is so powerful. It serves to amplify the properties of other stones. If someone is carrying obsidian to release the past and carry a degree of protection, and they add quartz to the mix, it will help make those energetic vibrations stronger.

Quartz helps with some of the tougher areas for anyone living in this hectic world. It can make reaching a meditative state easier, and also facilitate visualization capabilities. Rose quartz, which has a pinkish hue, attracts love, and aids those who need a boost in feeling love for themselves. It works to release old wounds, and promotes peace.
Smoky quartz, which has a golden or brownish tint to it, grounds its wearers’ energy, and releases negativity, and its amassed cousin of negativity, depression. It is said that depression is a collection of all negative thoughts and feelings that are unexpressed, and thus turned inward. It is not surprising that grounding might help to relieve such burdens as negative thoughts and emotions.

Among the lesser known stones are hemimorphite, which has some fantastic variations, including a brilliant turquoise blue filling encompassed in a simple looking rock shell, a spray of white crystals, and even some that appear like scouring pads, with tinges of purplish blue. It is an interesting stone because its lore follows that it may have been most commonly found in the ancient lost civilization of Lemuria.

Psychic online resources will help gain clarity to get a better grip on the truly important matters in your life.

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Psychic Telephone Readings to Dream Interpretation

Psychic Telephone ReadingsPsychic telephone readings are mostly popular for love readings. However sometimes a wicked dream can have us wondering!.

Dreams are the bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind. The primary language in dreams is symbols. Even actions in a dream are symbolic. The key to deciphering a symbol is how the symbol makes us feel. Often the feeling is the message of the dream. A book about dream symbols is a great idea, but the best interpreter of a dream and symbol is the dreamer. For example, a gliding airplane in a dream will have a completely different meaning for someone who is afraid of flying than for someone who isn’t. An officer of the law can symbolize protection and safety for one person, but it can symbolize arrest for another. Some symbols are widely universal like rainbow, stairs going upward, winding hallways, breaking teeth, etc.

Sometimes our super conscious mind will travel this bridge of dreams. Our super conscious mind is that part of our mind in touch with ultimate reality. This type of dream has special import and significance and is called a spirit dream. The dream is more vivid and just feels so much more important. The message reaches deeper into our psyche and heart. Yet it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dream of angels, paradise or voices from the heavens in order to be a spirit dream.

The first spirit dream I remember having was a car headlights coming toward me down a road. The lights We’re very bright. I knew the dream had a deeper message and was a spirit dream. A car symbolizes transportation and felt something or someone was going to be moving and surely it happened. Another dream I had which struck me as a spirit dream was of seeing a storm above. The sky was gray and dark clouds We’re boiling in intensity. I had this one in the fall of 2004 and have come to equate it with the Tsunami in Southeast Asia, the day after Christmas. Im sure many earthlings had some sort of portentous dream at that time. I think many of us, if not almost all, have some dreams involving world events.  Just know that in  a psychic telephone reading you will gain the right insights.

Deep down inside we all know everything there is to know. We know exactly what life is and where its going. The cosmos does speak to us in our dreams. Sweet Dreams!

Psychic telephone readings will help answer many mysteries.

Psychic Advisors – Affirmations

Psychic AdvisorsPsychic advisors use affirmations because of the law of attraction.

Thoughts and words are very powerful instruments. They are the tools with which we create the world we live in and our reality. What we think and talk about becomes what we focus on, and what we focus on becomes manifest in the three-dimensional reality we call life.

Affirmations must be stated in the present tense. Affirmations are powerful POSITIVE “I AM” statements designed to train your subconscious mind into manifesting whatever you want into your life. Begin your affirmations with the words “I AM.” “I AM the winner!”, stated positively in the present tense is a powerful affirmation. Be careful not to start your affirmations with “I am going to win,” or “I am trying to win” because this puts it out in the future and you may never get around to it.

Remember Muhammad Ali? He would shout out his affirmations for the whole world to hear, “I AM the GREATEST BOXER of all time!”, and he was! Today he is known as one of the world’s best known athletes, Muhammad Ali is an Olympic gold medalist, a heavyweight boxing champion and he IS a firm believer in Affirmations!

Thoughts are indeed things! What we think, we can create. Everything around us was at one time someone’s thought or someone’s dream. In order to create or manifest something in our lives, it must be thought of first. This is where affirmations help so much!

Affirmations have a great effect on the subconscious mind and on manifesting reality. Affirmations words of power can be used to create anything you wish to affirm in your life, including attracting love. The key to all this is stating these affirmations confidently, frequently, and positively. Repetition is the key.

It is very important to state the affirmations in a positive way. For example, you should say “I AM attractive and lovable” rather than “I’m not lonely any more.” Repeat your affirmative words of power in many ways throughout the day. Sing them in the shower, whisper them as you fall asleep, shout them, chant them, write them down and visualize them.

Create your own affirmations and remember… Even if you don’t fully believe the affirmation, say it as if you do. If you repeat it enough it becomes a part of your belief system, changes your attitude and thereby becomes Reality!

Sometimes we find it difficult to accept the best that life offers. So we let stress get away or don’t notice it. This behavior stems from low self-esteem. We must learn to love and accept ourselves unconditionally to overcome this tendency. This is something most psychic advisors will agree.

We can program self-love in a variety of ways. Begin by patting yourself in a comforting manner. This sounds corny, but it’s very effective. Pat your shoulders, your arms, your legs, your tummy and speak to yourself in the second person by stating your name. “YOUR NAME, I love you exactly as your are.” “YOUR NAME, you are kind and honest and deserve the best that life has to offer.”

We often talk to ourselves abusively. Treating ourselves this way is emotional abuse. You must begin to speak kindly to yourself if you are to raise your inner self esteem and remove self doubts. And we must be filled with feelings of self worth if we are to attract kindness and love into our lives.

Speak to yourself gently and kindly at all times. We ATTRACT and are ATTRACTED to people who treat us like we treat ourselves. Affirmations also help program self worth into the subconscious mind. You might start with these, and also create your own, write them on post it notes and tape them to mirrors, lamp shades, fridge, etc…

Our psychic advisors recommend these affirmations out loud with a feeling of conviction in your voice. Even if you don’t believe them at first, keep it up and you will!

“I am lovable. I know that I deserve love.”
“I am intelligent and creative.”
“I am strong in many ways and I believe in my own inner strength”
“I am a sensitive person, full of love and tenderness.”
“I am my own best friend. I take care of myself in a loving way.”
“I am kind and honest and deserve the best life has to offer.”
“I am strong, self reliant, and fully capable of taking care of myself.”
“I create a strong and mature balance in my life.”

Psychic Readings – Overcoming pain

Psychic ReadingsPsychic Readings help navigate life’s difficult passages.

Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual pain, left unchecked will infect each other or spread. What starts out as emotional can become physical and vice versa, also any combination can lead to spiritual pain.

When we are in the grips of what often feels like an attack. It is not something to run from. First recognize it for what it is whether it is an annoyance or a physical condition. Physical wounds are usually obvious and get attention faster and should be handled with health experts.

Emotional pain has a few solutions. First it is best to analyze the situation. Is it something you can deal with yourself? Become aware of what the pain is such as the level and where it really stems from. Breathe it in and embrace it instead of suppressing it. Recognizing it is the key element. Ask it what it wants and what it needs. There is always a message or a lesson in pain and if we can get it we can free ourselves to at the very least cope and often heal or overcome painful challenges.

The world is our mirror. If the pain seems to be caused by other people, we need to be willing to look at our part in the matter. Have we allowed others to treat us badly? What might we be doing or thinking that led to being in this pain right now? Has it happened before? Are the same kinds of scenes playing out with different characters? Someone who says Ive had five failed relationships, what is wrong with _____?

You may want to develop awareness to your relationships patterns. That might lead to questions that lead to real growth. Finding patterns, becoming aware is half of the test. Trusting you can learn and become stronger from knowing your pain, owning it, then, correcting the cause is the other half.

Spiritual pain may result as a result of stuff that may have happened long ago.  Sometimes a psychic reading may confirm that you cant do anything about it.  We’re involved may have passed away from either your life in particular, or life itself. Even so it is not hopeless. Forgiving others is paramount, it is as much for you as it is for them. It releases you from hanging on to that specific pain. While you are at it dont forget to forgive yourself. We all make mistakes, you can only gain if you learn from them. When you know better you do better.

Psychic readings will embrace your emotional and spiritual well being. Help you put emotional or spiritual pain to a productive purpose and maximize on your potentials is the key. Whether its stress, uncertainty, fear, we can find solutions.

Psychic Readings – Overcoming feeling stuck

PsychicPsychic readings are usually sought because we feel stuck/trapped.

We turn on the news or read articles that seem morbid. We feel can feel trapped, isolated, and stuck. Often that is because we dont see an end in sight. But are we really stuck?

Getting a psychic eading helps one understand who, where, when, and what will happen in the future. What about knowing how to perceive the current events in our lives in order to expand our vision on how and why things are happening? This is where spirituality comes into the foreground.

At times when everything seems beyond our control or nothing seems to going right despite hard work or determination, it can be disheartening. Doubt and insecurity can slowly creep up and make one feel stuck in a hole with no way out. But then, the hole isn’t always such a bad thing. It is a necessary part of growth. Think about the life of a seed.

One day Mr. Seed was dreaming about becoming a big powerful tree. Then all of a sudden a farmer grabs him and shoves him into a hole, covers him in dirt, and drowns him in water. Can you imagine what Mr. Seed must be thinking? His life, dreaming of becoming a powerful tree has been ruined, or has it? Why me, he shouts! Hes scared, lost, feels trapped, unsure of what is going to happen next. He is wondering why the farmer would just leave him there. All his life he wanted to become a tree; but now hes just stuck in this hole with no way out.

Mr. Seed was only able to see things from a limited perspective. He didn’t know what the farmer knew. The farmer knew that in order for Mr. Seed to grow and become that powerful tree that he’d need to start in the hole. Every day when Mr. Seed thought he was being drowned, it was really the farmer pouring down the water that would give him life. It was really the farmer helping him grow.

The moral of this story is when you feel stuck, when it seems like everything is against you and theres no way out of the hole you are in. remember that farmers perspective. Its in the hole covered in dirt, that we experience the growth we need to reach our dreams and bear fruit.  Trust and grow!    Trust and grow!  Get your psychic reading now.