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Each individual emits psychic voice vibrations. These voice beats are as unique as each individual person’s DNA. Just like there are no two snowflakes alike there are no two people voice vibrations the same. It is so unique that scientists have found that they can actually identify a person by their voice recordings. There have been studies that have indicated that if the mother and or father talk to their unborn offspring, the child is born with healthier brain function. Talking to the unborn child also develops a greater bond between the child and the parents.

 These voice vibrations create energy. This energy carries emotions such as sadness, happiness, love, stress, anxiety, anger and calmness. As an empathy, I have found at times a person’s voice vibrations carry that persons energy to me.

 In a telephone psychic reading, voice vibrations are a very helpful tool. The vibrations help me to connect better with my clients as well as help me to tune in with my spirit guides and my client’s spirit guides.

 A good comparison for voice vibrations is the radio tower and the radio in your car. The person speaking is the tower transmitting the signals out into the airways. The person listening is the radio filtering and decoding the vibrations into meaningful messages. This is a good example except for your voice vibrations do so much more than the tower and radio.

 Your voice vibrations carry along with it all of you emotions, give your guides a means to communicate and also carry along with it the environment in which you are in.

 I like to think of voice vibrations like a way for a blind person to see your aura. If an aura is dark and clouded by negativity, the vibrations carry that energy along with it. If happiness and light are surrounding you then it is carried along the vibrations for me to hear and feel the positive flow. Even if there is a great deal of negativity in a person’s life at the moment but there is relief and light coming this will be carried along the vibrations telling of a dissipation of negativity.

 It is amazing how just the simple act of talking can bring about such energy and create such a information highway. Your spirit guides and my spirit guides make great use of this wonderful link between us.

 Voice vibrations is just one of the tools that I use to connect with you to better answer your questions and concerns in addition to other tools such as spirit guides, tarot cards and empathic abilities.

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