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Psychic Readings – Overcoming feeling stuck

PsychicPsychic readings are usually sought because we feel stuck/trapped.

We turn on the news or read articles that seem morbid. We feel can feel trapped, isolated, and stuck. Often that is because we dont see an end in sight. But are we really stuck?

Getting a psychic eading helps one understand who, where, when, and what will happen in the future. What about knowing how to perceive the current events in our lives in order to expand our vision on how and why things are happening? This is where spirituality comes into the foreground.

At times when everything seems beyond our control or nothing seems to going right despite hard work or determination, it can be disheartening. Doubt and insecurity can slowly creep up and make one feel stuck in a hole with no way out. But then, the hole isn’t always such a bad thing. It is a necessary part of growth. Think about the life of a seed.

One day Mr. Seed was dreaming about becoming a big powerful tree. Then all of a sudden a farmer grabs him and shoves him into a hole, covers him in dirt, and drowns him in water. Can you imagine what Mr. Seed must be thinking? His life, dreaming of becoming a powerful tree has been ruined, or has it? Why me, he shouts! Hes scared, lost, feels trapped, unsure of what is going to happen next. He is wondering why the farmer would just leave him there. All his life he wanted to become a tree; but now hes just stuck in this hole with no way out.

Mr. Seed was only able to see things from a limited perspective. He didn’t know what the farmer knew. The farmer knew that in order for Mr. Seed to grow and become that powerful tree that he’d need to start in the hole. Every day when Mr. Seed thought he was being drowned, it was really the farmer pouring down the water that would give him life. It was really the farmer helping him grow.

The moral of this story is when you feel stuck, when it seems like everything is against you and theres no way out of the hole you are in. remember that farmers perspective. Its in the hole covered in dirt, that we experience the growth we need to reach our dreams and bear fruit.  Trust and grow!    Trust and grow!  Get your psychic reading now.