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Easy or Difficult Sun: Your core

In Astrology, the Sun represents the core of your personality, ego, and life purpose. Challenging aspects to the Sun in your birth chart can indicate areas where you may face difficulties, internal conflicts, or obstacles in your life journey. Sometimes, a difficult relationship with a complicated father is present.

Here are some of the difficult aspects commonly considered when interpreting the Sun’s aspects:

Sun Square (90 degrees): A square aspect between the Sun and another planet (e.g., Sun square Moon) creates tension and challenges. It may suggest inner conflicts, difficulties in expressing yourself, and the need to overcome obstacles in your life path. However, squares can also provide motivation and drive for personal growth.

Sun Opposition (180 degrees): An opposition between the Sun and another planet (e.g., Sun opposite Saturn) can indicate a need to find balance or make choices between the energies of the two planets involved. It can symbolize external conflicts or challenges from others that you need to address. Oppositions can also highlight the tension between your ego and the demands of others.

Sun Conjunction (0 degrees): While a conjunction can be harmonious, it can also bring intensity and challenges if the planets involved have conflicting energies. For example, a Sun-Pluto conjunction can indicate power struggles, transformation, and the need to confront deep issues within yourself.

Sun Quincunx (150 degrees): The quincunx aspect can create a sense of unease and discomfort. When the Sun is quincunx another planet (e.g., Sun quincunx Neptune), you may find it challenging to integrate the energies of these planets, leading to confusion or a sense of being out of sync with yourself.

Sun Semisquare (45 degrees) and Sesquiquadrate (135 degrees): These are minor challenging aspects that can indicate irritations, impatience, and minor obstacles related to the planets involved. They may not be as intense as squares or oppositions but can still require effort to navigate.

Saturn Afflictions to the Sun: Saturn is often associated with challenges and limitations. When Saturn makes a challenging aspect to the Sun (e.g., Sun square Saturn or Sun conjunct Saturn), it can indicate a sense of duty, responsibility, and obstacles that you must overcome in your life. This can lead to feelings of self-doubt and a need to work diligently to achieve your goals.

Demi Lovato has the Sun involved in a grand cross with the Moon, Pluto and Saturn. This is a heavy configuration. According to her, the father was abusive, an addict and alcoholic. Such a planetary combination will result to an ultimate rebirth and ongoing healing efforts.

Whereas, Scott Eastwood, has many flowing aspects to his Sun especially with the MC, and the Moon. Sure, Scott has his Sun Square to Neptune. Square and oppositions bring challenges. It’s important to note that while these aspects can indicate areas of difficulty or tension, they also provide opportunities for growth and self-awareness. Challenging aspects in a birth chart do not necessarily predict failure or negative outcomes but rather highlight areas where you may need to work harder, learn important life lessons, and develop resilience.

Mars out-of-bounds

Mars Retrograde

Mars is more than just the “God of war.” Mars describes what Venus enjoys and battles what Venus detests. Sex, assertion, drive, physical energy, competition, fire, anger, and war are ruled by Mars. Mars out-of-bounds is about to start.

Certain planets go out-of-bounds every few years. Usually, it is for a short 2-3 month period. The upcoming Mars out-of-bounds will enter on October 22, 2022, until May 5, 2023.  Similar to sports, beyond the limits of the established field of play is where an out-of-bounds planet travels. 

Some people born under the period of an out-of-bounds Mars may be labeled as aggressive. The adrenaline for such individuals may be interpreted as walking time bombs waiting to explode. This too is determined by the rest of the chart.  An out-of-bounds planet does not respect limits or boundaries. It can generate genius a breakthrough.  Negatively, it can become volatile and unacceptable to society. 

Freedom is retaliated against Saturn’s limitations. This freedom for Mars is like a super Uranus which seeks to awaken and revolutionize and liberate. These energies are interwoven when there will be some type of need to break freefrom something.

The best way to understand the future is by looking at the past. The general rule of thumb is that the longer a cycle lasts, the longer and more significant the impact. The last time we had an out-of-bounds Mars last for many months was during 4/5/2001-10/20/2001.  The major event that took place was 9/11. This does not mean that another worldwide catastrophe is forecasted. However, there will be national security changes taking place. Mars is also retrograde. Like in 2001, Mars was retrograde for a few months while it was out-of-bounds.  A few weeks after it turned direct and remained out-of-bounds, 9/11 occurred. 

Since Mars will be retrograde in Gemini (and will be covered separately,) this is the time to be extra careful with online security and online banking especially conducted via a Smartphone device. Though Gemini governs automotive, communication, local transportation, elementary schools, post offices, and communication carriers, this is a time to pay extra attention to any transaction with these institutions. Pay additional detail to passwords. The potential for hacking is strong.  Also, for those driving cars with driving assistant, pay attention to how you rely on it.  Recently, LAUSD was hacked. A ransom was rejected. The entire roster was exposed.  

Mars is war. Could there be potential or just talk Gemini loves to talk, the short answer is yes. However, it is mutable and short-lived.  

The financial markets may be a bit difficult. The last time another out-of-bounds Mars was in effect was during the period of 10/4/2007-4/25/2008. Certainly, with other planetary configurations, this is especially strong. 

Though Mars out-of-bounds may seem to appear as violent, it can produce courage and physical abilities.   Henry Kissinger had an out-of-bounds Mars in Gemini. He negotiated dialogues to end conflicts during the Vietnam War. Could this be a possible breakthrough with Biden? Maybe. Putin will have an impact. This too will be discussed at a later date.

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Progressed Lunation Cycle-Timing

The Progressed Lunation Cycle

Timing cycles are part of 28-year phases. There are around 2-3 in a lifetime. Each individual will experience a secondary progressed New Moon at some point in their life. This is estimated from the Progressed Sun to the Progressed Moon and becomes a highly individualized measurement that is divided into eight sections. The progressed Moon moves approximately 1 degree per month. Potent seeds for producing your life. Understanding what phase you are in now gives rise to understanding your full 28-year cycle ahead.

Similar to a monthly Moon cycle that farmers use to plant (Farmers Almanac,) the Moon cycle in a 28 year period can demonstrate the vibration you are on in terms of your career, financial, and relationship potentials.

The natal chart is stable.  The modifications are represented by the progressed chart.  Your chart grows, just like you.  In the progressed chart, the Moon is the quickest moving body. 

The Moon starts a waxing phase from a New to a Full Moon approximately every 27 – 28 days.  In progressions, each day equals 1 year.  The eight phases of the Moon are also applied in 27-28 year increments in your progressed chart as: New Moon, Crescent Moon, First Quarter, Gibbous Moon, Full Moon, Disseminating Moon, Last Quarter, and Balsamic Moon.  Note: this special cycle is Progressed to Progressed aspects; and they add precision to timing techniques like a charm.

The Progressed Lunation Cycle

New Moon: 0° – 44° ahead of the Sun.  Active period.  Sowing seeds.  Beginning over again.  Re-learning life. There may be a period of disorientation, confusion, or a sense of being in the dark. You may feel vulnerable, revived, eager, and enthusiastic.  You may start a new job, move, wed, divorce, or become a parent.  This positions the path for the next 28 years.  Keywords:  Emergence, beginnings, birth, potential. 

Crescent Moon: 45° – 89 ° ahead of the Sun.  Passive period.  Endeavors initiated on the New Moon grow.  The strong desire to thrust forward and expand is non-stop.  Situations may propel you out of your convenience spot.  The trail ahead may not be apparent, but there’s a sense that you must get rolling.  You may be trying out your plan, purifying it, and placing stronger foundations in place while gaining a more precise idea of where you are going.  Keywords:  Assertion, bravery, testing the waters.

First Quarter Moon 90° – 134° ahead of the Sun.  Active period. The first push towards victory.  This is a sweet spot.  There is often more money and opportunity as the Moon increases in light.  The square produces tension.  A crisis will result in action. Placing the support in place is crucial.  Keywords: Action, commitment, ordeals, crisis, outsource to get some help.  

Gibbous Moon 135° – 179° ahead of the Sun.  Passive period.  Gains, polishing, striving, and access to resources.  A sense of security is in the atmosphere.  You are starting to see how your efforts are producing.  If there was a loss in the first quarter, this phase may be marked by over-reaction or strain.  There’s haste to relieve distress, to try to force fruition.  If things went well at the quarter Moon, you may now be excited to see the results of your labors.  This can bubble over into impatience, drama, or overstretching.  Keywords: Expression, over-reaction, adjustment, adapting 

Full Moon Moon 180° – 134° ahead of the Sun.  Active period. Exposure, rise to the top.  You are in the spotlight.  Actions reach culmination.  Similar to the Full Moon in the monthly cycle, this represents a climax.  Feelings are intensified. Relationships with others may be pivotal.  You realize your goals or realize the idealism behind them. If this time is met with disappointment, this phase enables strategizing.  Keywords: Fruition, fulfillment, transparency, motivation, materialization, revelations.

Disseminating Moon 135° – 89° behind the Sun.  Passive period. Sharing, teaching, and giving back.  You acknowledge that you have changed and developed.  You put your talents to work, exhibit what you know, expend your privileges, and transfer your knowledge.  Experiences during this stage may question you to examine your knowledge of life to distill what you believe.  The Moon starts to wane (decrease in light).  Keywords:  Synthesis, demonstration, evaluation, sharing, productivity, allocation, integration, assimilation.

Last Quarter Moon 90° – 46° behind the Sun.  Active Period. There is a feeling of urgency to complete tasks as the Moon is decreasing in light.  A crossroad ahead where a predicament of consciousness may be reached.  You have gained maturity.  The challenge is whether to resume or start a process of releasing those things which no longer inspire you.  This phase needs confronting the truth and admitting when things have outgrown their effectiveness.  This duration of stress may require separating or restructuring.  It may feel like a final opportunity to make what you want in this revolution.  As the progressed Moon moves towards darkness, you may encounter a sense of void.  The void within buzzes you to recognize what must be removed to make room for new development in the end.  Keywords:  Re-orientation, adulthood, truth, restructuring, overindulgence.

Balsamic Moon is 45° – 1° behind the Sun.  Passive period.  Moving towards the darkness of the next New Moon.  You enter a time of liberation.  This phase is characterized by a feeling of winding down.  Now it’s time to let go and surrender to the next chapter of life. In the final part of this stage.  Periods of reflection and withdrawal will become a necessary process to allow you to release what needs clearance so that you are reborn.  You will find yourself thinking about the past, grieving, and healing.  This is a transition phase.  Keywords:  Release, endings, surrender, withdrawal, retirement, detachment, call inward, deepening studies, inner work, rest, solitude. 

Soon, you will be entering the New Moon phase and will re-embark on a new 28-year journey.  It is helpful to understand the phase of the Moon you were born in.  Some people that are more of a balsamic type may feel uncomfortable during a full moon period as they are more introverted.  Too much exposure for a person that desires privacy may become uncomfortable. Similarly, a person born when the Moon was waxing may feel unfamiliar during introverted periods. 

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Pisces Sun Virgo Moon

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon -The detailed Idealist – The Sun in Pisces Moon in Virgo suggests a more detailed and work-oriented Pisces. This combination may reduce Pisces daydreaming into Virgo Moon’s carefully spot-checking details. Both signs together are an ideal placement for any profession in the health industry. 

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Pisces Sun Gemini Moon

Pisces Sun Gemini Moon -The Clever Idealist – The Sun in Pisces Moon in Gemini combination suggests a personality that is changeable with duality in both Pisces and Gemini. You are a Pisces that can become more nervous. Details can get you lost easily. You need a constant source of stability and structure for the completion of tasks. 

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Pisces Sun Aries Moon

Pisces Sun Aries Moon -The Groundbreaking Idealist- The Sun in Pisces Moon in Aries combination suggests a personality that may take more action to achieve visions and ideals. You are a Pisces with more stamina and assertiveness than the average Pisces. You can assert taking action to make your daydreams a reality. 

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Taurus Sun Leo Moon

Taurus Sun Leo Moon -The Creative Materializer – The Sun in Taurus Moon in Leo combination suggests a personality that can excel in professions requiring creative investments. The Taurus in you will give you practicality and sustainability.  The Leo Moon will give you creative flair to create more opportunities for that practicality. 

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Donald and Marla Relationship Compatibility

Donald and Marla

Donald and Marla Astrology

Even if a connection is bland, it needs some form of 7th-house connection for binding. In the case of Donald and Marla, Marla’s Moon joins to Donald’s 7th house. The 7th house is the house of partnership. The qualities of the Moon supply help and nurturance. So Marla provided some form of nurturance and support by courting him. She respected and understood his needs and tried to provide emotional support.

Her Venus Quincunx his Uranus: The issues these 2 in combination bring are: demands, control, freedom versus attachment, and ongoing adapting and adjusting. It’s a never-ending failed compromise.

Marla may have disliked being in the public eye with Donald. Whereas Donald’s relationship with Ivana had a trine aspect making it harmonious when it came to enjoyment of the spotlight.

Marla’s Mars square Donald’s Mars/Ascendant aspect: This can bring clashes of the will, ongoing arguments, and frustrations.

He was missing 7th house planets for Marla. Donald didn’t have any of his planets in Marla’s 7th house, so there is a clear lack of fulfillment. Worse, Donald’s planets didn’t reach Marla’s 5th house of romance.

In reviewing Marla’s chart, she is very ambitious and career-oriented. The ruler of her 7th is in the 2nd, so she needs a mate that can provide financial support as well as support her worth and talent. Though Donald may have been able to provide her with financial abundance, there were issues with this connection having a special spark.

When I review their Composite Chart, there are additional pieces of confirmation that indicate this relationship never had luster. First, the composite Saturn is in the 7th house. This configuration suggests hard work and dimmed sparks in the relationship. Then the ruler of the 7th, Venus, is in the fall sign of Virgo. Furthermore, the Composite Chart Moon is in Capricorn in harsh aspects, making the emotional life non-existent. The Moon in Capricorn can be all business and construed as cold.

I’m sure Donald involved himself with Marla to have a relationship with less emotional volatility. His relationship with Ivana had too much drama. So having something more emotionally detached was something he was yearning for. However, he got too much friendship instead of a mate.

This combination is better suited for friends, co-workers, and neighbors, or business partners. Indeed, this duo combination not recommended for one for love partners.
I can conclude that Donald’s relationship with Ivana may have been stronger and more emotionally intimate than it was with Marla.

Some sharp critical opinions would write this relationship off as a gold digger looking for a sugar daddy. However, Astrology does not judge, nor does it write anything off. It only describes where the potentials best lie and the full energies associated.

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Mercury Retrograde Part 2

As Mercury Retrograde persists Retrograde, it will re-enter into the sign of Cancer on July 19th. This will have an impact on communicating and suffusing feelings, disseminating with family members, and contacts surrounding property issues.

This retrograde can spark reflecting on emotions towards family members. The possibility of understanding an emotional bond between family members is strong. Communicating feelings on a profound level are heightened. However, if that is not possible, analyzing those feelings and coming to grips with it is accentuated.

Interestingly, Alcoholics Anonymous was found on a Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. Though the nature of a 12 step program is about getting sober, getting down to the core of one’s feelings and tracing one’s roots as to how they got to feel about people, places, and things is magnified. Well, guess what? That is precisely what Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is about.

There can be a possibility that communication with family members can be delayed or misunderstood. It is not recommended to travel for visiting a family member. Travel is never recommended on this retrograde due to travel delays and baggage loss possibilities. However, miscommunication with family members is a possibility, or someone may be holding back.

Mercury in Cancer finds a loving and kind way to look at things due to instinctively knowing unsuspected feelings. There is an ability to express sympathy towards others.

Devices in the household will malfunction. I noticed the klutz in me is knocking things off shelves. The other day I was surprised a tightly secured item on the wall was knocked off. It is not recommended to make any major changes or install any new appliances.

Remembering old personal business ideas is also significant. Perhaps an idea you once had may now re-enter your mind. However, acting on it is recommended after Mercury goes direct. Fortunately, we only have another few days for this to be completed.

Surely this is not a “bad” period. There are many positive uses for this, such as reviewing old ideas, feelings, thoughts, etc.…As usual, many blame this for delays in communications, articles getting lost, etc. With any energy, it is essential also to know positive use. Retrograde Mercury is an ideal time to re-read a book, review materials that you previously learned, or reinvestigate matters. Often, one will have a new perspective on it. Usually, if one didn’t understand a subject, re-exploring it on a retrograde can help one appreciate it better.

Finally, since the sign of Cancer also has jurisdiction over property matters, it is an excellent time to go over any property/land deeds or leases. It is not the time to sign a new act or any contract whatsoever until Mercury exits retrograde position at the end of July.

This point in time is unique and purposeful. The current period we are in is only descriptive of the energies. You can turn them around to make them better. It is a matter of knowing how to do so.

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