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Planets Gone Wild – Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds Celebrities, Politicians, and More

The longitude of a planet in Astrology is used to the degree of the planet in the Astrological chart. The planet’s latitude is equally important. When a planet advances beyond the greatest latitude declination of north or south of 23°27′, it is thought Out of Bounds. The Sun, Saturn, and Neptune never reach Out of Bounds

Individuals with an Out of Bounds planet overlook or understand boundaries.  They accept no limits and will push buttons.  Stepping outside norms is a behavior found in innovators and criminals.  An Out of Bounds planet can also be negatively expressed as it may show irregular or erratic behavior that may be deemed as unacceptable society norms.  It may appear as if they try to get away with more.  This can result in indefinite originality and triumph.  Yet, it can also result in infamy.

Albert Einstein had an Out of Bounds Moon which provided a unique paradigm of time and space through his assignment on the theory of relativity.  Whereas, R. Kelly’s Moon in the same sign in Sagittarius operates differently than Einstein.  The entire condition of the Moon needs consideration as well as placement. 

Individuals who have Out of Bounds planets leave their effects on the world.  Occasionally you will see both favorable and dysfunctional aspects in the lives of those with Out of Bounds planets. 

Planets in the signs of Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius occasionally reach Out of Bounds.  Planets in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus never reach Out of Bonds positioning.

If one doesn’t have an Out of Bounds planet natally, one may acquire it by progression.  By progression, it may last from a few years to decades.  Sometimes a Solar Return chart may have this position too.  So forecasting these are just as vital.

I noticed during transiting Mars was Out of Bounds, I dealt with a person with misplaced anger.  Upon inspecting her date of birth, I noticed that she was born with an Out of Bounds Mars.

Below is a list of Out of Bounds planets.  We’ll explore in the next week the aspects declinations make. 

Out of bounds planets

Out of Bounds Moon: Emotions are deeply felt.  Usually, there is a difficult family background with trauma.  An emotional disconnect from the mother is typical.  Opposite: mood swings. 

Celebrity: Mariah Carey, Cher, Curt Cobain, Farah Fawcett, Lisa “Left Eyes” Lopes (TLC), Alyssa Milano, Selena Quintanilla,  Kylie Minogue, Brooke Shields, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Winehouse

Other: Al Gore

Notorious: John Wilkes Booth, Erik Menendez, R Kelly, Vladimir Putin, Harvey Weinstein

Out of Bounds Mercury: The mind may over-think matters.  There may be a need to over speak or under speak.  Opposite: Hearing voices and speech issues. 

Celebrity:  Aaliyah, Uta Hagen, Tom Hanks, Bette Midler, Kylie Minogue, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Denzel Washington, Howard Stern.

Other:  John Kerry, Donald Trump

Notorious:  R Kelly, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Erik Menendez, Dennis Nilsen, Peter Sutcliffe

Out of Bounds Venus:  There’s either a ton or a lack of love.  The individual will exude charm and grace.  Artistic talents are strong.  Opposite: sexuality outside acceptable bounds.

Celebrity: Cher, Clint Eastwood, Larry King, Susan Sarandon, Robert Schumann, Britney Spears, Tina Turner, Rudolph Valentino, Gene Wilder, 

Notorious: Ian Brady, Ronald Kray, Peter Sutcliffe, William Heirens, James Eagan Holmes

Out of Bounds Mars: Extreme ambition, energy, desire, passion, enthusiasm, and sexual libido.  Opposite: excessive aggressive bullying.

Celebrity: Jackie Chan, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Aretha Franklin, Janice Joplin, Larry King, Lindsay Lohan, Wolfgang Mozart, Rhianna, Steven Spielberg, Barbara Streisand, Rudolph Valentino, Jean Claude Van Damme, Robin Williams

Other Figure:  Prince Charles, John Kerry, Tiger Woods

Notorious: Andrew Cunanan, Mayor Rob Ford, Richard Ludwig Strack, Patrick Kearney, William Heirens, Vladimir Putin

Out of Bounds Jupiter: Sporting ability and remarkable public recognition that lives past death.

Celebrity: Nat King Cole, Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem), and Max Shulman.

Notorious: Still trying to search.  It’s uncommon; however, this depends too on how Jupiter is aspected in the chart. 

Out of Bounds Uranus: Fascinated with discovery, inventing, and revolutionizing.  Dangerous experiments intrigue. 

Celebrity: Jay Leno, Olivia Newton-John, Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Springsteen, Meryl Streep, Josephine Baker, John Belushi, Rhianna

Other Figure:  Prince Charles

Notorious: Edward Gein, James Eagan Holmes 

Out of Bounds Pluto: Achievement of power.  Fascination with the deeper meaning of life.  Opposite: Manipulate by overusing power.

Celebrity: Cher, Farah Fawcett, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Janice Joplin, Jay Leno, Paul McCartney, Cybill Shepherd, Sylvester Stallone, Meryl Streep, Barbara Streisand, John Belushi, Jessica Savitch, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Other Figure:  George W Bush, Al Gore, Mitt Romney

Infamous: John Wayne Gacy, Harvey Weinstein

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